Sunday, June 18, 2017

Visit to Bruce Gordon's shop

 First order if business was to pick up the two most recent Schnozolas- # 6 & 7 from paint. There were some build parts as well. Bruce and I are still collaborating on the Schnozola bikes as long as people want them. They will be pretty rare .......
 Here's a 2005 Bruce Gordon road bike in my size. Wish I had the money-it is stunning.
 This table is supported by about a dozen dead bicycle frames. Not a bad idea unless you are a Bridgestone devotee.
 Here's a view of the work shop with a table covered in tooling.
Bruce in his office  totaling up the daily receipts. We had a nice visit and a great lunch. Now I'll be able to finish off the assembly of the two Schnozolas and get them out the door in the next couple of weeks.

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