Sunday, February 14, 2016

Introducing Schnozola bicycles

Schnozola bicycles are a product of the joint venture between a couple of frame buildings most experienced members , Bruce Gordon and Paul Sadoff. The idea is to make a bike that will be able to be ridden on nearly any type of terrain and be versatile enough to fit almost any riding situation.
 The bikes are built around Bruce's Rock 'n Road 700x43 or 650x43 tires-arguably one of the very best mixed terrain tires. The bikes will make their debut at the NAHBS in Sacramento later this month.
There will be a touring version , a gravel race 700c version, a 650 gravel race version and a couple of others for good measure. The color of all the bikes will be red......more on that later. If you are looking for that bike that will go anywhere, be priced nicely for a handbuilt American bike and have that unique 'Oy Factor'  t.m. , then this is definitely a bike for your consideration. Come see us at the Sacramento convention center on Feb. 26-28 in booth 314 and have a look.

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