Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Post NAHBS show bike sale

Schnozola was officially unveiled last weekend at the NAHBS in Sacramento, Calif. So, how was the showoff us ? -Feh......hard to tell what folks thought of our bikes but everyone who came by left with a smile. I figure that they kind of 'get it' , funny name but pretty serious bikes here.
Now that the show is over we have a selection of four compete bikes for sale at New York prices or even lower-such a deal , in other words. # 1 is the Dynamic Kosher Trail 650 gravel racer. The 7005frame and Enve fork contribute to this bikes light weight . You can have this bike ( for a 5'8" rider ) for only $ 3,850. This is at least $ 500 less than the regular price and it is unridden.

The next offering is the Gentleman's fat tire fixed gear dirt track pursuit bike, especially if you are in pursuit of lunch. This was extremely popular with the photographers at the show and is a real hoot to ride. This one is $ 2,850 and is for a 5'10" rider. Both of these bikes can be seen at Rock Lobster cycles (831)429-8010  and the two other bikes not pictured are at Bruce Gordon cycles ( 707) 762-5601. The two at Bruce's shop are his touring model at $ 3,950 and the original Grinduro steel gravel racer $ 4,250. Both of these bikes are new and reduced for a quick sale. Come check them out if you want to get something very unique and special.


  1. What size is the steel Grinduro, or for about what height rider?

  2. I rode it and was quite comfortable. I'm 5'10" but I think that someone 5'11" would be ideal.