Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Schnozola show bikes

 Yes, folks. Here are two of the NAHBS bikes that are for sale. The 650 gravel bike is 7005 aluminum and the fixed-gear path racer is steel. These bikes are available and all you have to do is call 831-429-8010 and schedule an appointment at Rock Lobster cycles in Santa Cruz, Calif.
Two more bikes are at Bruce Gordon cycles in Petaluma and you can reach Bruce at 707-762-5601. He has the touring bike and the 'Grinduro' 700c gravel racer. These bikes are a collaboration of two of the most experienced builders that are still alive !  Not only that, we are still at work making bikes. Think about it.......nearly  90 years collective bicycle frame building experience......and all for such a deal.
 Check it out.........solid bikes, big tires, red paint. What more could you want ? ........Don't answer that !

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